Combat Pay for Life We have this form letter from VA Montana that is difficult to accept. It states that Veterans in Sanders and Lincoln Counties are in a “catchment area” In Spokane Washington. As such, those Veterans can be better served by VA facilities there. Moreover, there has been some talk of
transferring control of Vehicles serving Sanders County to control by Spokane.
I believe Montana Veterans are better served by the VA here; especially since we have been well-served for many years and are well-known by those providers. In addition, we raised the money to purchase our vehicles without any help from Washington Veterans,

Here is that form letter:
It has come to our attention that you fall into the catchment area for the Spokane VA System and currently receive care through the Montana VA Health Care System. It has also been identified that you requested lodging associated with your upcoming appointments.

The counties of Lincoln and Sanders both fall into Spokane VA catchment areas and therefore, for continuity of care, it is suggested that you enroll with Spokane VA. If you choose to remain with the Montana VA system, your travel benefits will be paid to the nearest facility that can provide the care, which will be Spokane VA or one of their CBOCs and your lodging requests will be denied due to your residence being outside of the Montana catchment.

Authority: VHA Handbook 1601B.5 & 38 CFR Part 70
Decision: Except as otherwise allowed under this section, lodging is limited to appointments, under VA Montana Catchment and are in accordance VA Montana lodging policy. As noted above, those Veterans residing in Lincoln and Sanders counties fall under Spokane catchment, therefore, lodging requests will be denied. Additionally, any travel pay benefit you may receive will be paid to the closest facility (i.e. Primary Care will be paid to Libby, and Specialty Care will be paid to Spokane).

Travel Assistant
Patient Business Office
Dick Wells

 Dick Wells

Catchment Areas and Unwelcome Changes

 Dick Wells
Dick Wells
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