Emery McClendon


Dear Representatives,
  America is a great nation. Its citizens are a hard working and dedicated people who for the most part believe in our Founding principles.

  We enjoy freedom and liberty like no other people in history. We have made the American experiment work, and have elevated the hope and desires of people worldwide to seek to be successful.

  We have elected you into public office to continue to build upon the American Dream. However, you are failing to do so. Those of you who are progressives are trying to destroy our Principles that made our nation great. Those of you who are conservative in name only are attempting to do the same.

  We all witnessed what a president who does not love his country will do to destroy it over the past eight years, in the person of Barack H. Obama. We also rejected Hillary Clinton as our President because she would have been more of the the same and worse.

  Our current President displays a love for God and country, and puts America first. Why can’t you?

  Corruption abounds in our nation’s capital, and in local and state government. It’s time to clean it up. Let’s drain the swamp.

  We have elected a man who holds our values in high esteem, please get behind him and work to unfold an agenda that will keep our nation on the right path to prosperity and greatness.

  You promised us restoration and a return to our Constitutional values. Keep your promise.

  Those of you who understand the principles that allowed this nation to lead the world and that made us prosperous in the past, need to step up to the plate, and work together to do as our President has suggested – to “Make America Great Again.”

  The American people are not stupid, we are resolved to protect our heritage. We placed you in a position of trust, and we expect you to take that trust seriously by doing what is right for our future. It is your future also.

  If you cannot, we will replace you with someone who will.
  America is a great place to live. Our future is dependent upon all of us working hard to preserve our values and principles.

 Will you step up and do your part?

Emery McClendon


Emery McClendon
Emery McClendon
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