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Hearing aids for veterans
Though they are substantial, the VA’s benefits for hearing loss are still not well understood - hope this article makes the subject a little easier for you.

Previously a veteran had to gain the status of service-connection for a hearing loss as the result of military duties. Once service-connection was awarded, the vet could get free hearing aids, batteries for life, and maybe some money. That has all changed now, a service connected hearing loss is not needed. All veterans with an honorable discharge can now receive hearing aids, batteries, and assistive care for free – for life. All one must do is register for enrollment at any VA medical facility. Then a referral from the vet’s primary health care provider to the audiology services will be needed.

Audiology services provide a standardized hearing exam to determine what kind of hearing loss exists and the severity. Once approved for hearing aids, a device will be ordered, then fitted. After that, all repairs and batteries are free for life.
This is true for all honorably discharged veterans regardless of the reason for the hearing loss. However, for veterans with a hearing loss that is shown by medical evidence to have occurred while the vet was in the military, there may be financial compensation also. This begins with a claim to the VA Regional Benefits Office and is handled like any other claim for benefits.

Medical evidence is first gathered and the Rating Board decides to determine service-connection and the rating percentage (money) to be awarded. Generally, the rating percentage for hearing loss is rarely above 10%. This is because most hearing loss is compensated for by these devices. Other conditions of the ear can also be service connected, such as ringing in the ears, scars, cancers, and chronic infections. Visit or for more information.

Free Hearing Aids from the VA

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