By Thomas Avery White·

​ Five years later and this event still seems very unreal to
me, except for getting up to lock the door.

“It keeps getting curiouser and curiouser,” that was Paul
Harvey's warning phrase to alert his listeners that
something very odd was about to be reported.

I've taught lots of folks the skill of safely firing a 38 special
revolver, and actually hitting what they were aiming at,
but I've never had a student who had never even touched
a pistol put five out of her 1st six rounds, in the six inch
black circle at fifteen yards.

I made the politically incorrect comment," I guess asians
are just better students". But I would have not found
anything humorous about teaching this particular
individual anything related to weapons when I stepped
off my "Freedom Bird" retuning from Vietnam.

I slept fitfully last night, my mind being overloaded with images from Vietnam and that 1st year home, after writing so much about that time period yesterday. But I have to admit (to my embarrassment) whatever post traumatic "hyper-vigilance" I came home with, nearly overwhelmed me, as I drifted off to sleep thinking: I really do have a "North Vietnamese" sleeping under my roof. No matter how kind and sweet I knew her to be, I couldn't let go until I got up and checked that my bedroom door was locked.

This was "textbook" neurotic behavior(i.e. having NO basis in fact), but a calm did sweep over me as I again lay down to sleep.

This morning I knew what I needed to do. I had to immerse myself in the reality that the war REALLY is over, and there are NO longer attractive 26 year old women, resembling my guest, secretly leaving bombs in cafes in Saigon.

SO, after our pistol class, I was able to interview my new Vietnamese friend, asking EVERY question I could think of about what really like under the Communists, and how did they view Americans. We had a wonderful discussion, lasting over an hour. I even showed her the Vietnamese nón lá I brought home( the typical conicalstraw hats ALL the VN farmers wear). She is not a member of the Communist party,and I learned that most young people choose not to be party members.

But although much calmer in my spirit tonight, I still get a minor twinge, realizing that today, I taught the grand-daughter of HO CHI MIHN'S personal DENTIST how to shoot!

Thomas Avery White-Fresh off the “Freedom Bird”

 Thomas Avery White

“It Keeps Getting Curiouser and Curiouser”

Thomas Avery White
Thomas Avery White
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