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From the editor:

Thomas Stoddert is a generous soul who is determined to make a difference in the life of veterans. 

He is a combat vet (Vietnam & Desert Storm) and former VA Rating Specialist with 4 years experience making decisions on veteran's claims.

He is presently helping veterans file claims under the auspices of several groups, to include a VA Vets Center and he is now available to help here as well!

Thomas Stoddert: Autobiography:

I joined the Army at eighteen and I volunteered to go as far as I could for Basic Training. This was during the “age of enlightenment,” the late 60s. After a year with an infantry section of the 17th Cavalry, 101st Abn., I went to Berlin, Germany and saw plainly that we, in this country,  take freedom for granted.

I did a second tour of duty in Landstuhl, Germany. A third tour left me as the NCOIC of the 5th General Hospital emergency room which included a side trip to Saudi Arabia for Desert Storm. I also worked in the Intensive Care units of Brooke Army Medical Center in San Antonio.

Eventually I completed a second degree in Information Systems Management and went to work at the Department of Veteran Affairs as a Rating Specialist. I got to see in person the real inside workings of this monstrous puzzle palace.

E-mail Thom at:
[email protected]

or submit question below. Be sure to include e-mail address.

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