VA conceals shoddy care and health workers' mistakes


Behind the walls of the nation's oldest veterans’ hospital, the reports were grim.
Medical experts from the Department of Veterans Affairs blamed one botched surgery after another on a lone podiatrist.

They said Thomas Franchini drilled the wrong screw into the bone of one veteran. He severed a critical tendon in another. He cut into patients who didn’t need surgeries at all. Twice, he failed to properly fuse the ankle of a woman, who chose to have her leg amputated rather than endure the pain. 

In 88 cases, the VA concluded, Franchini made mistakes that harmed veterans at the Togus hospital in Maine. The findings reached the highest levels of the agency.

Latest News for Vets

A group of senators led by Arizona Republican John McCain are seeking assurances that money spent on private health care for veterans is well-managed by the Department of Veterans Affairs.

Yet another VA commission was created to help select a new leader for its Veterans Benefits Administration (VBA), presently led by Thomas Murphy.

A woman convicted of misdemeanor abuse at the Grand Rapids Home for Veterans has avoided additional jail time in the case.

The intentional skewing of patient data at the Veterans Administration hospital in Harrison County only affected that facility, a spokesman said on Tuesday.

The other day, I was in a grocery store and spotted an older-looking man who was a little stooped over. 
He wore a hat that read, "Served in Three Wars."

Stonewall Jackson Motley served in the U.S. armed forces for more than 20 years and through three wars. He worked for years as a public sector employee.

The man was armed with a shotgun. The family member who called police said he was a combat veteran and suicidal. 

The cost of transgender health care is in the spotlight, both for veterans, and for active duty transgender troops.  The U.S.  

Ken Burns and Lynn Novick’s documentary, “The Vietnam War,” is a misnomer. The title suggests that it is a definitive history of the War in Viet Nam.  It is not.

 Nelson Winbush relishes talking about his grandfather’s time as a Confederate soldier, fighting at the command of Nathan Bedford Forrest, a Confederate general, 

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